Tuesday, August 13, 2013


"what I enjoy about CBS is the fun environment and the opportunity to grow in the company"

Steve L

"One thing that intrigues me most about working at Capital Business Solutions is opportunity.  It’s what drives me to be great, it motivates me every day, and pushes me to stand out."


"My experience here has exponentially given me the tools and experience that is applicable to any job that I pursue in my future. 


"My experiences at CBS are invaluable. First thing I've learned is how to communicate with others both professionally and personally, in order to help others towards a common goal. Second and the most important experience is the entrepreneurial mindset: learning how to conduct myself through the eyes of a C.E.O versus that of an employee, so that I alone will be in control of my future."


"I've enjoyed seeing myself and others grow in the short time of being at CBS. This job has impacted my life in many positive ways and I'm very grateful for all the CBS team members."


"the company culture is both welcoming and fun. I also enjoy working among a group of awesome people!"


"The thing that I love most about working here is the fact that I am constantly presented with new opportunities on a daily basis. Also, my progression within this company is completely performance based, so as long as I put my best foot forward every day, I know that I will be successful."